Greenhalgh Castle, Garstang

Greenhalgh_CastleGreenhalgh Castle was built in 1490, by the Earl of Derby.  It is clear that he felt the need of a fortified home, because he sought permission from the King to crenelate and ‘embattle’ the building.  It originally had four towers and was described as ‘pretty’.

The Castle was severely damaged in 1645, during the Civil War, after resisting Cromwell’s followers for several months.  Local people were called upon to protect the Castle, but in the end they gave it up on the promise that they would be allowed to return to their own homes unharmed.  The Castle was virtually destroyed.  Much of the rubble was used to build nearby farms and dwellings and all that now remains is one tower, and that is a ruin.  This is still a picturesque and evocative spot, however, and deserves a visit.

During the Siege of Greenhalgh, a soldier killed his wife, from whom he was estranged, at Gubberford Bridge.  It is said that this bridge is known for its Boggart; the ghost of the murdered woman.  In years gone by she would appear to unwary horsemen as a cloaked woman looking for a lift.  Only when mounted behind a rider would she reveal herself to be nothing but a skeleton.  She was said to be responsible for the deaths and injuries of several terrified riders.

In more recent times, a humble postman was walking his usual round when he found himself staring into the face of a skeletal figure – he dropped his letters and ran.  The country lane of this visitation is not precisely known, but perhaps it was a modern appearance of the Boggart of Gubberford Bridge?

Image by Dr Greg, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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  1. Andy says:

    Great, spooky story 🙂


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