Alderman Hill and Alphin Pike

Alphin Pike geograph-2599838-by-Michael-Fox.jpg

Alphin Pike

These high points near Saddleworth (near Manchester) were named after the two giants who made their homes there; Alphin and Alderman. They were friendly with each other at first, until they both fell in love with Rimmon, a water nymph who lived in Chew Brook in the valley beneath them. Unfortunately, Rimmon preferred Alphin and this angered Alderman so much that the two giants began to argue loudly and eventually started throwing boulders at each other. This is why the landscape here is covered with enormous boulders, which have stayed where they fell when the giants fought.

The fight ended when one of Alderman’s boulders found its mark and Alphin was killed. Rimmon also died, grief-stricken at her lover’s death. Alphin and Rimmon are said to be buried together, somewhere on Alphin Pike.

Coincidentally, there is a rocky outcrop near another Manchester, in New Hampshire (US) which is called Rock Rimmon and which has a legend concerning a young Indian girl who was forbidden to marry the man she loved. She threw herself to her death from Rock Rimmon.

Also on Alderman Hill is a long fissure with a deep hole at both ends. It is said that a dog once followed a fox into one of these holes one day… and never came back.

Alderman Hill

Alderman Hill

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  1. Chazza says:

    So I’ve been told … this story is detailed in a 17th (?) century poem held in Oldham Library.


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