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The Dule Upon Dun, Chatburn

Once upon a time, in Chatburn, there was a tailor who was unhappy with his lot. One day the Devil appeared and offered him three wishes. In return, he would visit again in seven years time and collect the tailor’s … Continue reading

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The Ship Inn at Freckleton

The Ship Inn is reputed to be more than three centuries old. As well as once being a smuggler’s watering-hole, it also harboured a skull which had its home in the attic of the building. Like other such skulls, it … Continue reading

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North Euston Hotel

The North Euston hotel was built in the 1830s, when it became clear that the new railway system would reach Fleetwood.  It was hoped that there would be a steady flow of long-distance travellers, all needing sustenance or a bed … Continue reading

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